Learning to smile

Over the last week I have started to smile and laugh at mum and dad. Dad makes bad jokes and mum tells me I am very beautiful.

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One month old

My mum and dad can not believe it, but I am one month old today. Look how much I have grown! I like watching faces, and look up when I hear mum or dad talk. I have been practicing tummy time on my play mat and love looking at new things and trying to figure out what they might be. Of course, my favourite thing is eating though, closely followed by sleeping.

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Welcome to the world Olivia Winter Peek

Nine months ago we found out that a new little person would be arriving in 2014 to join the Winter Peek clan.

It all kicked off on Saturday 11 January. A few cramps here and there progressed to pre-labour by the evening, but this had to be ignored as very important french apricot jam making was in progress (and successfully completed might I add.)

IMG_2754After a restless night contractions suddenly went from 20 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart and so, after a rushed shower for David (Amy: Darling, go have a shower before we go to the hospital, we have time. Three minutes later, Amy: WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG!) we popped off to RPA to have a baby.

Birth was, umm, interesting. After heading into the Birth Centre we were quickly transferred to the Labour Ward as there was meconium in the waters. This suited me fine as by this stage I was keen to try some drugs. The gas at 4cm dilated did nothing. The increased dosage of gas from the ‘lowest setting’ to ‘slightly more’ at 5 cm dilated did nothing. The epidural was beautiful.

IMG_2769Eventually due to a stressed baby (why is this taking so long she was thinking!) the doctors decided a ventouse delivery was needed and whipped us off to theatre just in case it all ended in a C Section. But, with David talking me through every contraction and push, little Olivia Winter Peek joined the world on 12 January 2014 at 4.12pm, and she was perfect.